Sponsored Athletes & Ambassadors

Meet some of the ambassadors that we’ve had the honor of fueling.

Since opening, Fit Kitchen has been proud to sponsor individuals in our community. We’re proud to be a destination for these customers and world-class athletes, providing them fuel to aid in their training.

Meaghan Mikkleson Olympic Women's Hockey
Meaghan Mikkleson
Olympic Women's Hockey
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Meaghan Mikkelson has been a member of the National Women’s Hockey Team for 12 seasons and is a three-time Olympian, winning two gold medals and one silver medal. She’s also played in seven IIHF Women’s world Championships, winning one gold and six silver medals.

Gilmore Junio Olympic Speed Skating
Gilmore Junio
Olympic Speed Skating
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Gilmore Junio is a long track speed skater and two-time Olympian. He competed in the Sochi and PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games, as well as multiple World Cup competitions.

Alysia Rissling Olympic Bobsleigh
Alysia Rissling
Olympic Bobsleigh
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Alysia Rissling competed in the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in 2018. She also made history in 2015 when she competed as the pilot in the first ever all-female crew in four-man bobsleigh at an internationally sanctioned race.

Pauwlina Cyca Triathlete
Pauwlina Cyca
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One of the things I was most proud of was the way I could manage my time to fit in all of the things: training as a triathlete, studying in medical school, working as a Pharmacist director, and momming 3 little kids. The reality was that I struggled to take good care of myself, of my body and fuel it properly for my training and daily obligations.

I would spend hours planning meals, measuring macros, counting the Kcals, doing the shopping, and then the prep. It would take so much time that I would have to compromise my training (or sometimes compromise my food) to fit everything into 24 hours. I was irritable, short, and impatient because my mind was always on the next task – it was so difficult to be present.

I discovered Fit Kitchen through some mutual athletes. After the first week of meals being delivered to my door, the macros measured perfectly, the calories exactly on point for my training needs, and every meal tasting great - I was committed to making this a permanent habit and meal plan partnership.

Fit Kitchen really is a family, checking in and modifying for life changes as necessary. A true collaborative partnership in time savings, health, fitness, and fuel.

Brian Hennings
Brian Hennings
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My wife and I have been clients of Fit Kitchen for two months now, and we cannot say enough good things about this organization. Our reasons for food delivery are like most everyone else: too little time and too many competing responsibilities to cook healthy food. I struggle a lot with portion control. Fit Kitchen keeps us off of fast food and takeout apps and builds in portion control into their individually wrapped meals. In six weeks I have lost 16 pounds, my wife has lost 12 pounds, and we never felt hungry. But over time we came to find so many other great things about this organization that I felt compelled to write a review.

First, the food is excellent. We have tried other meal services and disliked them for different reasons: too salty, freezer burn, blandness, etc. Fit Kitchen’s food is fresh-prepared and not frozen. Everything is deliciously seasoned. There are a variety of food types to choose from. Second, the customer service is fantastic. Through the transition of eating healthier, there were foods we found we didn’t care for: arugula and yogurt are big ones. Most food services would say that’s tough, you get what you get, or you select each and every meal for yourself. Fit Kitchen did not do that. Their staff has been willing to adjust the food delivered under our meal plan to our preferences. Finally, this is a locally owned and operated organization. The food is prepared in Calgary by local chefs. The staff are all based in Calgary. Their owner even drives the delivery truck once in a while, just to connect with the customers.

I recommend Fit Kitchen without reservation, and hope you find their food as delicious and life changing as I have.